Construction Blasting

Civil Construction

Caruana has 20 years experience in detailed civil excavation projects and can deliver methods and systems to ensure an on time delivery for each project.

In the construction industry there is no room for error. Excessive vibration, airblast and fly-rock is not tolerated. Caruana strives to provide blasting solutions utilising the latest technology, specifically designed to overcome the restrictive demands placed on construction blasting, whilst taking into account the requirements of the customer.

Our team provides expert advice aimed at delivery innovative blasting solutions in environments previously thought impossible. We endeavour to deliver results which provide controlled outcomes and excavation profiles in minimum time. Whether the project involves tunnelling, excavations, pipelines, trenches or road construction, Caruana liaises with customers to manage the risks to enable the provision of operations which are safe, timely and cost effective. We do this by carrying out an assessment of the project and making sure we assign an experienced Management Team, the right tools and a specialist crew for the job.

We use the latest blasting software to predict blast outcome and where required use protective barriers, blast mats and work methods to protect the sensitive receivers. Throughout all activities our management systems delivers constant communication with all stakeholders to close the feedback loop.

We are constantly auditing and improving our systems with consistent checks, quality control measures and effective change management processes in place.