Quarry Blasting

Dril & Blast

3Caruana works with quarry customers to develop the competitive edge every quarry needs, From this partnership Caruana endeavours to provide safe and efficient blasting, predictable results, fast and reliable delivery and reduced operating costs.

Fragmentation, diggability as well as noise and vibration control are just a few of the factors that Caruana can manage in designing blasts. We aim to optimise these elements to help customers enhance their quarry performance. Caruana supports customers in evaluating all production criteria in order to provide a blast result tailored to meet individual needs. Design blast outcomes that aim to optimise productivity while complying with strict environmental controls means that Caruana is the ideal partner to help you achieve operational success.

Services Caruana offers:

Total Loading Service (TLS)
This services typically incorporates marking out the shot to design specifications, measurements and recording of blasthole depths, priming of the blastholes, layout and tie-in of the shot initiation sequence, blast guard duties and may include firing of the shot.

Rock on Ground (ROG)
As part of a Rock on Ground service, Caruana undertakes a totally integrated blasting service to deliver blasted ground to a specification and schedule which has been agreed with the customer. This service included management of the total drilling and blasting process, including surveying, boretracking and conducting the design of the blast.

Technical Services
Caruana is proud of the strength of our technical capabilities and the ability to deliver sustainable value improvements to Quarrying operations. As part of our commitment to delivering customer improvements, Caruana offers a range of technical and support services for Quarrying operations, aimed at ensuring customers are achieving optimum results.