Kestral Mine Extension

Specialised Project

Client: BGC Contracting (Rio Tinto) (KBR)
Location: Emerald
Period: October 2008 to March 2009
Value: $4 million

Description of Works:
Initially engaged to provide drilling & blasting services to blast rock in the box cuts for the portal arch installation approximately 50,000m3 was blasted in the conveyor box cut and another 50,000m3 in the transport box cut. More rock was then discovered in the environmental dam amounting to a further 250,000m3 of rock. Whilst performing the blasting work Caruana Holdings Pty Ltd were also engaged to perform the Portal Face Stabilisation in both box cuts, which involved the drilling & grouting of permanent ground anchors, grouted dowels, spilling bars and deep drainage holes, followed by a layer of reinforcing mesh and shotcrete to ensure the safety of workers whilst the installation of arches and backfilling was being performed. Following the completion of these on site works, Caruana Holdings Pty Ltd team of experienced labours, operators & supervisors were hired to assist with the installation of arches and associated works.